Don’t take our word for it — take theirs

One of the key success factors of my business is profitability. I like the fact paper cloud is detailed about my finances and keeps me abreast of how much my business has done in a given period!

Will hands down reccomend this app any day anytime!

Very useful tool for managing your business as a Freelancer or an Agency.

Being able to manage your clients, income, expenses and more makes this app as super portable business management tool.

It’s a no brainer and you surely do need it.

"I love this app! I run a flowershop and this is so key and works very well to help me manage my customers!"

Paper cloud gives me the desired flexibility when documenting my expenses and managing invoices with clients.

A seamless way for me track my income and expenses when I freelance.

I like the fact that it’s very user friendly yet packed with useful tools for business. All the information can be seen at a glance via summaries and invoices can be downloaded or sent via email

I highly recommend 👌🏽

I Just downloaded it and i am ready to move my businesses on other platforms to yours. It is lovely and shows that you really did put in a lot of quality time to make it. Well-done.